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How to Register RegTeck™

After you completed your purchase you will be receiving an email with your order confirmation and your License Key.
Start RegTeck™ and register the software as explained below.

The program will present you with a Product Registration screen. Please type in your 20 digit activation code and then click the Next button. You must be connected to the Internet when you do this. The program will connect to our activation server to verify the validity of your License Key. If you get an "Invalid license key" error message, please make sure you typed the key in correctly. You might have entered a wrong or incomplete serial number. Some letters may look like numbers on your screen. Double check your key and enter it again.

Easier and more precise way to do this is to simply copy the registration key and paste it to the appropriate box.You can select and paste the whole serial number to the first box and rest will be filled in automatically.

As to how to copy and paste the serial number, you could follow these steps:

A. Select the serial number;
B. Use the keys "ctrl+c" at the same time to copy it;
C. Use the keys "ctrl+v" at the same time to paste the serial number on the Serial Number area of the software under the Register title.
Or you can just simply left click select; right click copy, than right click paste.

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